Protect your child’s teeth with kids’ dental fillings in The Woodlands, TX. At Enchanted Forest Pediatric Dentistry, we use dental fillings to effectively treat cavities, as well as repair broken or cracked teeth. Our experienced staff will take care of your child’s dental condition quickly and painlessly, restoring their health and their attractive smile. During the filling process, Dr. Rojas first removes the decayed part of the tooth and then prevents further damage by filling in the area. The result is a restoration of the tooth’s integrity and function.

dental fillingsWhy Your Child May Need Children’s Dental Fillings

There are a host of benefits to protecting your child’s teeth. By investing in children’s dental fillings, you can preserve the enamel of their teeth, which serves as the first line of defense against decay and infection. Tooth decay can seriously weaken tooth enamel, causing tooth sensitivity and pain. This sensitivity can be reversed with dental fillings.

Your child’s natural smile can also be protected with fillings designed to slow or halt hidden tooth decay that develops inside the tooth. Regular dental checkups and mercury-free fillings are a key element in maintaining a healthy mouth and proper dental hygiene.

Safe Pediatric Dental Fillings At Enchanted Forest Pediatric Dentistry

Modern advances in dentistry have led to safer and more effective pediatric dental fillings. In the past, fillings were made from a mixture of metals, including mercury. Now, mercury-free dental fillings that look completely natural are the preferred option. In addition to being safer, they look more like real teeth.

These composite fillings mimic the appearance and color of your natural teeth. This resemblance also makes it easier to change the size, color, and appearance of teeth. Composite fillings can be used to repair chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth, and give teeth the appearance of being straighter or more even. You can count on our pediatric dentist and staff to provide the dental services your child needs quickly, painlessly, and affordably.

Careful Consultation With Our Woodlands Pediatric Dentist

Protecting your child’s dental health—whether it involves fillings or some other procedure—starts with a careful consultation from our staff. After evaluating all of the factors affecting your child’s oral health, we make recommendations based on the cost, the longevity of the treatment and materials, and how a particular procedure will affect your child’s appearance. Whatever you decide for your child, you will be greeted warmly by our staff.