Diagnostic Services: Exams and X-Rays

Prevent dental problems with our thorough kids’ dental exams in The Woodlands, TX. At Enchanted Forest Pediatric Dentistry, our focus is on providing the best dental care possible to children ranging from infants to adolescents. Our staff has extensive experience working with children in a kid-friendly environment that helps them relax, making treatment easier.

Kids' Dental Exams in The Woodlands, TXRegular Children’s Dental Exams At Enchanted Forest Pediatric Dentistry

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children’s dental exams at least twice a year for most children. Some patients require more frequent pediatric dental exams due to a heightened risk of tooth decay, poor oral hygiene, or unusual growth patterns. Evaluation of your child’s orthodontics begins with his or her initial visit by monitoring growth, development, and their bite, also known as occlusion. Early dental problems such as open bites due to thumb sucking, crossbite, or crowding can be treated by interventional or early orthodontics.

Safe Pediatric Dental X-Rays

The pediatric dental X-rays we take at our practice are a key element in evaluating the overall oral health of your child. We take them in the office and develop them during your appointment, allowing Dr. Rojas to see immediately what the situation is below the surface of the teeth and gums. The digital radiography technology we use is safer because it requires less radiation—90% less—than standard X-ray film.

The frequency of children’s dental X-rays depends on the child’s age, general oral health, risk for disease, and any signs or symptoms that may become apparent during the exam. Because their teeth and jaws are still developing and are more likely to be affected by tooth decay, children require X-rays more frequently than adults. We may recommend a dental X-ray during the initial visit to establish a baseline. That helps us identify changes that may occur later. Using kids’ digital teeth X-rays helps us identify problems that otherwise would remain hidden. Detecting and treating those problems as soon as possible will save you time, money, and unnecessary discomfort for your child.

Providing Effective Dental Sealants

We can effectively prevent tooth decay before it starts with our dental sealants. These are plastic coatings used to protect the grooves on the surface of the back teeth to prevent tooth decay. Those surfaces on hard-to-reach back teeth are where most tooth decay occurs. By keeping germs and food particles out of those grooves, dental sealants protect the chewing surfaces and the entire tooth.