Why Sealants?

sealant-2Sealants are an easy and affordable way to help prevent tooth decay on your children’s teeth.

A sealant is a material that is applied to the teeth where decay occurs most often- the chewing surfaces of the back teeth.  These teeth have the pits and grooves that are hard to clean, because toothbrush bristles cannot reach into them.  The sealant then bonds to the tooth.

The sealant acts as a barrier to keep bacteria and food out of the pits and grooves on a tooth.  Sealants are easy to apply and only a few minutes per tooth are required.

Applying sealants can save time and money but more importantly, but your child may avoid the discomfort and anxiety associated with repairing a decayed tooth.  Sealing a tooth is fast and painless.  Sealants can last several years before they need to be re-applied.

Dr. Rojas will be happy to discuss with you this topic in additional details during your next visit.


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