Back to School Time

lunch-box-cartoonSummer is over and it’s time for school and we wanted to remind you of the importance of packaging healthily meals for your child’s lunch.  As you may know, many schools sell sugary snacks or beverages in the school cafeteria or vending machines.  This easy access to sugar can lead to tooth decay.  A healthy diet is important for good oral health.  A combination of a balanced diet and regular dental visits will help keep your child’s smile for a lifetime.

Help your child start good eating habits.  Try to limit between-meal snacks.  If your child is thirsty or needs a snack, stay clear of cookies, candy and other sweets or sticky foods.  Instead, offer water or healthy foods, such as fruit, carrot sticks or wheat crackers.  Save sweets for mealtime, when the mouth makes more saliva to help rinse out food particles.


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